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Last update: Jun 18, 2024


Cycle tourism is a travel experience that focuses on the bicycle as the primary mode of transport. Cycle tourism combines particularly suggestive localities (whether mountain range, countryside or urban scene) that you can easily visit on your bike! This form of tourism represents an alternative to markedly traditional tourism.

It is also an ecological and refined means to move through and get to know various zones and territories. Of course it requires a certain physical preparation and route planning, but the emotional rewards, rare with other means of travel, are worth the extra effort.

Bicycles are easy to transport, have a low environmental impact, and offer freedom and autonomy, thus making travel on two wheels extremely adapted to discovering otherwise inaccessibile sites in Italy, for instance parks and nature reserves. 


Countless roads, tracks and trails wind through the countryside of Siena, linking the inland with the coast and Northern Europe with Rome. In the past they were used by pilgrims who travelled along the Via Francigena and Via Lauretana for religious and trading reasons as well as due to wartime.

Due to the longsightedness of people who lived here for generations, everything has stayed the same as it was centuries ago: the countryside is perfect, the waterways are well maintained and the hills look the same as they always did. Following certain routes is an exciting experience as the itinerary is one of the most interesting parts of the journey. Everywhere you go you'll have the chance to see, taste, admire and drink something new. This is a land of fine foods and wines as well as being the
cradle of civilisation and the Italian language. Siena's countryside is also home to spas, the Renaissance and the Etruscans