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Last update: Jul 15, 2020


Toskana Holiday GmbH is glad to present your selection of prestigious properties, villas, farmhouses and apartments for sale in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Marche and Liguria.
We cooperate with reliable and serious professionals in the real estate transactions. We also provide advice and assistance in the purchase of properties which are for sale, offering the possibility to also insert it in the weekly tourist rental market , which would provide a guaranteed income.

Toskana Holiday GmbH also offers a range of services concerning the purchase, the upkeep and the conduct of an estate, in cooperation with skilled and very experienced professionals:

  1. Technical, legal and fiscal assistance in the conduct of the sale/purchase. Toskana Holiday GmbH works with a list of trusted professionals: Italian and International lawyers, public notaries, accountants, advisors and banks. Of course, our professionals will be able to cooperate with those of the customer

  2. Technical assistance for documents and designs given by the skilled, engineers and architects. Our professionals will be able to cooperate with those of the customer

  3. For repairs and restoration we have a list of skilled professionals

  4. Estate business planning


In Italy, buying a property, is sanctioned by public deed by a Notary. At the time of this Notary Act, the purchaser must bear the expense for "Imposta di Registro" or IVA and cadastral tax depending on whether the seller is an individual or company and whether or not it is their first property purchase.

If the seller is a private person:

Note: the above rules apply to residential properties. For other sales operations (offices, shops or land) taxes are paid on the purchase price.

If the seller is a building contractor and the sale takes place within 4 years of the completion of any work the VAT must be paid instead of the registration tax:

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