History & Culture

Every region of Italy is teeming with art and monuments that worth to be seen. Take a look at our articles to find many tips about places of cultural and historical interest nearby the place you are spending your italian holidays.

Gelato… one of the most popular Italian desserts in the world… what’s its origin?

Did you know that the concept we have today of ice cream was born more than 2000 years ago? In China sorbets were produced by putting fruit juices or wine in barrels on which a mixture of snow and saltpetre was poured to lower the freezing point of the water. At the same time in […]

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Arezzo: a perfect place to stay to discover Tuscany

Want to visit Classic Tuscany?   Southern Tuscany is the perfect place to stay…  and Arezzo is one of the  best areas to base oneself when visiting Tuscany! Spending your holidays near Arezzo, a pleasant hill town in south-eastern Tuscany, offers you the occasion for visiting the many historical villages and towns scattered in the […]

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Volterra – A Glimpse into Italy’s Medieval Past

If medieval history is what you are after then you need to make sure you rent comfortable accommodation in Volterra. This is a small town situated on the hilltops of Tuscany. Here you can take part in the traditional medieval fair. The Volterra AD 1398 Festival is perfect for the entire family and has been happening every […]

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