Would you imagine the Tuscan landscapes without cypresses?

Tuscany means love at first sight. This corner of the world, made up of fascinating medieval cities, an enviable gastronomy and fascinating scenery, makes us feel in one of the most dreamed heavens on earth where cypress reigns as the undisputed star.

The cypress seems to owe its presence in Italy to the Etruscan civilization. Coming from Iran, Afghanistan and Asia Minor, it was introduced in Italy and then cultivated for its precious wood, for its religious significance and also to embellish the landscapes.

In Egypt, its odoriferous wood, considered to be rot-proof, was used to produce sarcophagi. The Greeks and Romans used cypress to adorn the necropolis, because it was supposed to communicate with the underground regions and therefore linked to the cult of Hades, god of the Underworld.

All photos of this article are from Pixabay

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