Crete Senesi … a corner of paradise

The Crete Senesi enchant for their uniqueness.
When we say Tuscany, we immediately think of the beautiful landscapes with its “soft” hills and its cypresses scattered here and there as if they were brush strokes.

It is an evocative landscape, at times almost lunar, which is certainly worth traveling through the roads that cross it. If you are lucky enough to spend a few days in Tuscany, do not miss the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the Crete Senesi. You’ll love it!

The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, the oaks and magnificent solitary cypresses, the stretches of wood in the hollows or the classic fountains that collect rainwater, make everything suggestive.

The name of Crete derives from clay, or argil, mixed with rock salt and chalk present in the soil, which gives the landscape a gray-blue color.

This corner of paradise really deserves a walk, soft landscape with large cultivated meadows, ponds and some cypresses that emerge. The Crete Senesi are an experience to be lived with the eyes and the mind, places where you can find yourself and relax at a more human pace of life and fully enjoy contact with the countryside that surrounds you and cradles you.

Do not miss the Site Transitorie … a magical place located amidst the Crete Senesi area. It offers the opportunity to take a walk in one of the most amazing and emotioning sites of the Tuscan countryside. It was created by the French artist Jean Paul Philippe in 1993 and it is practically a dwelling without walls with some slabs on the ground, a chair to accommodate the passerby, a bench, a window and a roof for the sky…. in short, it is a painting that everyone can interpret at will

Worth a visit for those who love to walk and enjoy the sunset in the silence of nature … and go home with an infinity of dream shots to share with everyone.

All photos from Pixabay

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