Pecorino Flavours: The Diverse Cheese of Tuscany


Tuscany is renowned for its delightful culinary surprises and none more so than its cheeses, particularly Pecorino. Tuscan self-catering properties are situated not far from the very centre of the most famous cheeses in Tuscany. This means you are able to taste and buy cheese to the delight of your entire family. Bite into a delicious piece of Pecorino during your tour of how it is made.

Why Pecorino is Special

What makes Pecorino cheese so special? It is a hard cheese made from the milk of the ewe. This 100% sheep’s milk cheese has a varied history enhancing its fame. It is exclusively made of sheep raised in Lazio and Sardinia because of Rome’s salting prohibition.

Varieties of Pecorino to Taste

There are various types of Pecorino cheese sold throughout Italy. The variety comes from the aging of the cheese. One of the most popular types is Pecorino di Pienza. It is a medium aged hard cheese with a mediocre flavour. This cheese does not get better the longer you leave it. It just changes its flavour, so the longer you leave it the more the flavour will change. Preferences are set by you and it depends on how long you like to leave it before you eat it. The locals enjoy this cheese with olive oil, honey and cured meat.

Close to Volterra on a farm called Lischetofarm, another type of Pecorino is produced. The Delle Balze Volterrane is a cheese with an intense and deep flavour which has to mature for a minimum of sixty days. The Red Pecorino, also produced here, is made with a combination of olive oil and pureed tomato, made to slow the moulding process. It is worth noting that no chemicals are used to make any of the pecorino cheeses.

So while you are sipping some locally made Tuscan red wine in one of the Tuscan villas, you should be biting into some Pecorino to compliment the wine.

Locating Pecorino

Pecorino is sold just about everywhere and can be found at most local supermarkets, as well as most of the fresh food fairs and markets.  Approximately 6 km from Volterra, and therefore not far from most of the town’s villas at all, is the farm of Lisceto which boasts an organic shop where you can purchase and taste this fantastic cheese. There are also some wonderful cheese tours on offer and you can spend the day discovering the ways and places where this cheese is manufactured.

A holiday in Tuscany would not be complete without the drinking of Tuscany wine and the eating of cheese, both of which you can accomplish with ease with the right rental choice. Spend an evening on your veranda with a good bottle of wine and a cheese board full of Pecorino cheeses and delight your palate as never before!

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