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Last update: Nov 30, 2022

"The part of the happiness that is found in every pleasure of life is becoming aware of our own Self" - Abhinavagupta.

"Activities and practice of yoga can not serve as a way, because the consciousness does not arise from the activity. Instead it is the activity that results from it" - Abhinavagupta: Tantraloka.

The path of Yoga is a deep study of the human nature that has evolved gradually in ever more sophisticated structures, which begins with the question about man and self-knowledge.  

The course intends to familiarize yourself, in a totally experiential way, with the energy levels involved in human beings, to learn how to focus our strengths to allow a life more joyful, peaceful and healthy. The practice of Yoga spans all aspects of human experience:

It starts with advices and suggestions of moral conduct (Yama and Niyama) to order the chaos of our lives and face everyday life with more order;

This is followed by the exploration of the physical body and energy: the approach to the body and its exploration is facilitated and refined through Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing), which can free the body and mind from many egoic patterns and structures of anxiety and control;

It then proceeds with the introversion of the mind on itself (Pratyahara), focusing on the intuitive, creative and intelligent mind, trying to avoid intrusion of the thinking mind, where all the limits came from;

It leads to a relaxing mental space that allows you to familiarize yourself with your emotional side, and permits you to leave perceptions and emotions flowing in a natural way, without creating disturbances;

This state of mind must be kept open, initially with effort (Dharana, concentration) until it happens spontaneously (Dhyana, meditation);

The last stage of what is called Raja Yoga is Samadhi, a mental space where discursive thought ceases and one experiences directly the truth of himself beyond doubt

We offer to our kind and passionate customers some facilities where it is possible to get close to this beautiful and beneficial practice, followed by qualified teachers.

Villa Manu - Elba Island - The owner Manuela is a Yoga teacher, graduated in October 1989, teaches and holds seminars and practical courses open to all. 

VILLA MANU is a splendid villa in Marina di Campo. It enjoys a unique position because it is located directly on the beach in the middle of Marina di Campo. It was recently restored, with refined elegance...


Villa Ovidio - Tuscany Valdichiana.

Villa Ovidio is a wonderful villa with stunning views on a unique beautiful Tuscan landscape. Perched on top of a hill, in a scenic and secluded position, it offers modern facilities such as a very well equipped kitchen, Jacuzzi, sauna, air conditioning...

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